Supercell: Finland’s Mobile Game Developer

On the website,, I read an article pertaining to Finland’s mobile game developer, Supercell, and some major profits in their business. Supercell has seen a fifty-eight percent profit based on two games, Clash of the Clans and Hay Day. I was amazed the company was able to make that much of a profit using only ninety-five employees and two games. It is another great example that a small mobile game developer can make a lot of money in the gaming world where mobile games are making more profits than large consoles. Though it is clear that mobile game developers need to continue developing games to keep consumers interested, I believe Supercell is on its way to becoming a world leader in mobile games.


Author: Jay Fisher

I'm a product guy focused on building great consumer experiences. Gathering quick feedback and building internal consensus by iteratively improving on minimally viable products. My background is in consumer products and finance, I greatly enjoy tackling the challenges involved in financial services and technical product management I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out ( if you want to talk technology, business, product management, or agile.

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