One Page Game Design Document Sample

This is from the appendixes of Level Up (highly recommend that you buy it).  I will be using this template for my next game design project.

Farm Wars (game title) concept overview

XBOX LIVE/WII WARE/PS3 Download (Game platform)

Target Age: 15-21 (target audience)

Rating: E10 Game Summary: Old MacDonald has a farm… and those animals are fed up! Tired of being exploited, the animals build cybernetic death armor and attack! Farmer MacDonald must fight frenzied waves of killer cows, sinister sheep and crazed chickens to protect his produce. Sell your crops to upgrade the farm and buy weapons! Farm as well as you fight, otherwise you’ll “buy the farm!” (include the beginning, middle and end of the game story, give an indication of the game play style, the player’s objectives and elements. Keep it short and sweet.)


Game Outline: Players create and maintain a basic farm, plants and cares for crops during the Farming Round. Enemies attack during the Battle Round. Harvest and sell remaining produce during the Selling Round. Use profits to buy new seed, rebuild your farm and upgrade your weapon in the Buying Round. After a Season (4 sets of 4 rounds), the player fights a boss to progress to the next Season. Later seasons will feature weather that will affect farming, selling and battle rounds. (Don’t go into great detail, but it needs to be more in-depth than a summary.)

USP (Unique Selling Points)

• RTS action meets farming simulation!

• Build and breed unique farm, weapons and crops. Hundreds of combinations!

• Over 50 weapons from a simple hoe to the DeathBringer3000!!

• Fight hordes of enemies and bosses!

• Multiple game endings based on player’s performance.

• Multiplayer “Barnyard Brawl” battle mode.

(Use USPs to highlight cool and unique features—game play style, game modes, single or multiplayer, technology innovations, cool features. There shouldn’t be more than 5-7 of these) Similar competitive products: Tower Defense, Harvest Moon series, Lock’s Quest

Choose competitive products that are successful, recent or very well known – preferably all



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