Strelmark Business Development Consultants

On the website,, I read an article about Strelmark business development consultants. The article mentions that research showed success has very little to do with your skills and intelligence in the field. It makes sense that using personal people skills helps create a better business. It is unfortunate that many businesses lack this feature and merely make long distance phone calls or send emails.

Strelmark seems to be making some progress by instituting special training for their consultants and helping them to develop their personal business relationships. I am glad to see that some companies are improving their business development consultants by putting them through a boot camp. Utilizing these practices could help other companies improve their business relationships and earn a better reputation.


Business Development Specialist

On the website,, I reviewed an article about becoming a business development specialist. The job requires individuals to specialize in products and organize meetings with clients to sell their products. I feel this job would be a perfect occupation for individuals looking to major in business, but only want to sell certain items. The job comes with a high salary of approximately $73,000 and can include bonuses and commissions. A business development specialist can also travel around the country and can build up a great reputation as a great salesman. They are also required to have a good attitude that can help people improve their people skills. I believe this job has a lot of great opportunities for people in the business field.

Price tag of new navy laser system.

Laser beams to protect U.S. Navy from drones – CBS News.


Pretty crazy video/story.  The most interesting part about this was the claim the R&D only cost $40 million.  For something we have been researching since Reagon/’70s it doesn’t seem possible for it to have such a low price tag.


Here is some better information.  Engadget says the laser costs $32 million per unit.



Amtrak and Fracking

When I am traveling with my family, the most cost effective/convenient way to travel is by train.  I always enjoy the people I get to meet and watch.

I watched a fairly humorous exchange on the dining car, where three separate rough necker types heading to western North Dakota were being barraged by the more typical train folk about the environmental impact of fracking.  There was much confusion around the idea that nobody had actual seen any environmental damage.  My favorite quote was a rather exasperated “but there has to be damage somewhere”.

If you don’t know much about fracking, you should spend some time googling frac sand, very interesting stuff.

WI Frac Sand

From Duff’s Ditch to the Rothschild’s

I went on a Wikipedia ramble and read last night before bed.  A very enjoyable before bed activity on a weekend.

Started with a friend on Facebook talking about Duff’s Ditch as a solution to the flooding problems in Fargo, ND.  Duff’s Ditch is otherwise know as the Red River Floodway around Winnipeg, MN.  At the time (1968) the Red River Floodway was was the second largest earth movie project of all time.  In front of the Suez Canal and the behind the Panama Canal.

The Red River Floodway cost $360 million CAD to move 305 million cubic yards of earth.  CAD $1.18 per cubic yard.

When the US bought the Panama Canal from the French they paid $24.4 inflation adjusted USD per cubic yard.  To finish the canal the US paid $6.1-$12.2 per cubic yard for dredges and $12.2-$24.4 per cubic yard for steam shovels.

The Rothscilds and The Yellow Fleet both provided interesting segues.

The Yellow Fleet


Picture of the Yellow Fleet from here

I used this tool to calculate approximate inflation adjusted dollars.