How To: Designing Graphics for a New Hockey Stick

As Eleven’s carbon fiber line is transitioning to a new brand name.  I’m thinking about how to start the process of coming up with a new stick design.

I check out  lots of sticks on the market before deciding what approach I want to take.  Strong tech emphasise for a general all around player, using the S19 as a guide.

I think it is a pretty crazy awesome stick targeting the same type of demographic.

Marketing Video for the Easton S19:

  • The stick looks sleek, sexy
  • Designs are simply, understated
  • Long curves to emphasize flex and how the stick flexes when shot
  • Highlights the Carbon Fiber
  • Easton and the S19 stick name stand out from a mile away
  • Mentions the “technology” in the stick



Start this video from 2:21 to see their graphic designer talk about how he designed the stick.  We should mock up designs with colored tape and water stickers so you can see how the different design elements work.


The Totalone is less sexy, but still very simple:


Mobile Game Designer Tips

On the website,, there is an article that gives great tips for people looking to becom a mobile game designer. I think the article gives great points that people should take into consideration before creating a mobile game.

Designers should not make a game with a lot of artistic detail as it could use up a lot of power trying to show it on the screen. It also makes sense that the game should not be too loud because it could bother others if the person plays the game in a public place. I understand how difficult it can be to create a game that is a success for mobile devices and I believe this presents a great challenge for a mobile game designer.

Mobile gaming is a booming market right now, and it seems everyone wants to dive in and grab a chunk of the market. However, getting started in mobile gaming isn’t just about porting your Windows or Xbox title over to iOS.
Design for Your Current Platform, Not Your Previous One

This seems like common sense, but a lot of games out there will attempt to shoehorn the design of a console onto a multi-touch gaming device. While, yes, this can work, frequently the player is reminded that they’d rather be playing the game on a console gamepad than on an iPhone.

When it comes to artwork, remember that tiny fonts may be readable on a Retina display (and allow you to fit a lot of text on the screen), but they are not very enjoyable to read. The same goes for highly detailed textures. You don’t need a massive, high-resolution texture for all your assets. The detail can actually make the game more visually noisy, detracting from the artistic feel and causing eyestrain. Click this link to finish reading How To Get Started Designing Games for Mobile Platforms.

There has never been a better time to become a mobile game designer than now. So study up and make the jump already.

Supercell: Finland’s Mobile Game Developer

On the website,, I read an article pertaining to Finland’s mobile game developer, Supercell, and some major profits in their business. Supercell has seen a fifty-eight percent profit based on two games, Clash of the Clans and Hay Day. I was amazed the company was able to make that much of a profit using only ninety-five employees and two games. It is another great example that a small mobile game developer can make a lot of money in the gaming world where mobile games are making more profits than large consoles. Though it is clear that mobile game developers need to continue developing games to keep consumers interested, I believe Supercell is on its way to becoming a world leader in mobile games.

Lodsys LLC Lawsuit of Mobile Game Developers

On the website,, I read an article that talked about a company called Lodsys LLC suing various mobile game developers over infringement of several patents. The article stated that the lawsuit is based on infringement on interactive chat and other features of the company. I found it shocking that the lawsuit was mounted against dozens of mobile game developers, but I realize the unfortunate circumstances that can happen to companies like Lodsys LLC.

You might recall back in mid-2011 when a company called Lodsys LLC filed legal suit against a number of game and app development companies claiming that the use of in-app purchases and/or paid upgrade systems in those companies’ apps infringed on patents owned by Lodsys. After sending out threatening letters to a number of these smaller – sometimes just one or two person – development teams, Lodsys went all in and added some of gaming’s biggest players to their suit, including Atari, Electronic Arts, Rovio, Square Enix and Take-Two Interactive. To finish reading Lodsys Sues a New Batch of Mobile Game Developers Including Gameloft, Backflip Studios, and Disney click here.

The use of patent trolling seems to be harming companies because they are being forced to license with the companies in order to use the patents. I feel this article did a great job explaining the reason behind the lawsuit and I understand how patent trolling can be damaging to companies.

How Many Mobile Game Developers Are There?

On the website,, an article was written describing the Top Twenty-five Hottest Mobile Game Developers. The article poses the following question: how many mobile game developers are there?

The twenty-five big game developers included: Gameloft, EA Mobile, BigFish Games, and Disney Mobile. It makes a lot of sense that the mobile gaming industry is rising because new mobile devices are coming out each year. The games are cheap so people are more likely to buy them just to try them out.

The article noted that sales of mobile games are rising over large console video games and even the movie industry. I can only wonder how many mobile game developers are there going to be in the future as the industry continues to grow. I’m guessing big numbers for sure.

mobile game developers 2

HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners

Check out this video explaining HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners because it shares an easy to understand guide for using HTML5 to create mobile games.

The video explains a bit about the program, LimeJS, and why it’s a powerful and efficient tool to create mobile games with. It also goes into GIT, SVN, and Python 2.6 and why they are needed.

I’m posting it here on the blog because I think it does a good job describing the course requirements and the step by step guide to downloading programs, framework, and creating games. So give it a watch and see how long it takes for you to make your first mobile game. 🙂

Mobile Game Development Market

On the website,, I reviewed an article explaining why the mobile game development market is doing so much better than console games. It’s definitely worth the read so I included the link to give you a chance to check it out.

The crux of it was that since people carry around their mobile devices wherever they go they obviously have more opportunities to access their games from those same mobile devices. Plus most mobile games only cost a dollar so consumers are more likely to purchase one given the low price point.

The article also provides several charts that show mobile games are on the rise.

Make no mistake about it, the mobile game development market is a great investment for companies.