Solid Automated Emails

A great article from Entrepreneur:

Acquisition – The Welcome Email

The first thing you send someone after they make the potentially regrettable decision to give you their email address sets the tone for what they should expect. It’s also more likely to be opened than any emails you send thereafter. A study by Experian put the difference at a factor of 4-5x, and our own internal data review has shown a similar trend.

There are two extremely common mistakes that people make when crafting welcome emails:

  1. Letting the opportunity go to waste. Writing the welcome email was just a checkmark on someone’s calendar one day, and no one has gone back since to make it better.
  2. Focusing too heavily on downstream conversions. This new user is barely that. A few minutes ago, they were a “visitor.” This is the time to reaffirm the value they saw in you in the first place, not the time to cash in on it.

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