5 Tips for Passing the NPDP Exam the First Time

Certified new product development professionals are highly sought after by top multinational companies. After all, the survival of their brands depends heavily on these individuals. For employees, this need can be interpreted as a fantastic and lucrative career choice. However, you’ll need to take the New Product Development Professional (NPDP) exam to become certified and really open up an array of exciting career paths in this field.

However, clearing the NPDP exam is easier said than done. This advanced exam involves a considerable amount of technicalities, making it very intimidating to those who plan on taking it. That said, there are a few effective things you can do to prepare you for the exam, but will also ensure you clear it with flying colors. So without further ado, here are five excellent tips for passing the NPDP exam in the first go.

#1) Put Your Fears Away

First off, you need to dispel every kind of fear that causes you to doubt your ability to get a positive result. Remember: limitations only exist in the mind. Once you manage to convince yourself that you can pass the exam in the first, everything else will fall in place.

#2) Forget About the Minimum Passing Score

The worst thing a candidate can do is focus on the minimum score. The passing score of the NPDP exam is 75% i.e. 150 questions must be answered. Therefore, when you go into the examination hall with the mindset of attempting 150 questions (primary focus), you have already limited your potential considerably. So, always aim to attempt all questions as this will increase your chance of obtaining a high score.

#3) Practice Tests

The importance of taking practice tests is irrefutable. It’s perhaps the most effective way of preparing for the NPDP exam since it checks your knowledge in a variety of topics while simultaneously giving you an opportunity of widening your horizons. For instance, if you come across a question that you don’t have an answer for, you can search for the answer over the internet. Practice tests also help in boosting your pace. The NPDP exam is an exceedingly long exam with a multitude of multi-choice question, so quick thinking is essential. By attempting many practice tests, rest assured that your mind will be at the top of its game.

#4) Plan Your Preparations Properly

When it comes to preparing for the NPDP exam, proper planning is imperative. You must know exactly what areas have to be covered and how much time is needed to study them. A good way of doing so is by preparing a study schedule first and then working according to it.

#5) Don’t Memorize the Material

It’s more beneficial to comprehend the answers rather than just memorize them. Sure, it will take an extra bit of time and concentration, but in the end it will be worth the effort.

Clearing the NPDP exam is by no stretch of imagination an impossible task. All it takes is sheer dedication and handwork. If you follow the above tips, success won’t be all that difficult to accomplish.


Author: Jay Fisher

I'm a product guy focused on building great consumer experiences. Gathering quick feedback and building internal consensus by iteratively improving on minimally viable products. My background is in consumer products and finance, I greatly enjoy tackling the challenges involved in financial services and technical product management I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out (public@jayfisher.info) if you want to talk technology, business, product management, or agile.

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