Mobile Game Developers At Nextpeer Launch Multi-Player Mode

Mobile game developers at Nextpeer are increasing the excitement of tournaments by adding multi-player mode to games.

Recently, mobile game developers at Nextpeer have added new multi-player mode to 1,000 of their games. It was just two years ago that Nextpeer launched with a platform of 100 games. Following a steady increase in users and the addition of 900 more games, Nextpeer saw an explosion in popularity in the past few months. Now with over 20 million active users worldwide, Nextpeer regularly hosts popular game tournaments. With multi-player mode being added to all of their games, Nextpeer fans will be able to tap into online tournaments and play against each other.

Nextpeer, the mobile gaming network that adds multi-player mode to indie titles, is entering private beta on the Android platform.

Although the platform launched about two years ago, it only started picking up momentum in the last few months, growing to 1,000 live games from 100 back in January. They’ve also 10X-ed the number of monthly active users in the network, reaching 8 million from 800,000 at the beginning of the year.

Those 8 million users have actually used Nextpeer’s tournaments; the actual reach of the games in the company’s network is much larger at somewhere between 20 to 30 million monthly actives, according to CEO Shai Magizmof. Click this link to finish reading Nextpeer, Which Has Added Multiplayer Mode To 1,000 Mobile Games, Comes to Android.

Multi-player mode provides players with the opportunity to choose between real-time competitive play and asynchronous competitive play. Read more about Nextpeer’s multi-player mode development in this article from Tech Crunch.


Author: Jay Fisher

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