How To: Monetize an HTML5 App

We are working on the Olympus Hockey Game, a top down 3 on 3 hockey app.  The HTML5 tech demo is done, I will share when it gets to the point where it is playable.

In order to monetize the app we will start by wrapping it with a program like Ludei.  This will allow us to monetize the app just like a native app.  I played through every hockey app on the Apple App Store tonight.  Here are some screenshots with some good and bad examples of in game monetization.



Intro screen to a game (promotional app) created for






HockeyFights_StudioStudio that made the game for them.







Their main menu, notice the prominent Ad in the upper left hand corner, probably a bad idea.






HockeyFights_UpgradeThe game uses a standard credit mechanism, you can choose to play the game to earn credits to upgrade your player or you can pay extra for credits at any time.





HockeyFights_CreditsHere is the purchase credit scene.  Players has the choice to purchase credits in different increments or to buy the “pro” game (no ads) for $1.  If you click the buy unlimited credits button it is the same as buying the “pro” version, doesn’t really make sense, since…





HockeyFights_ProPro version costs $1, and…







Buying credits alone is much more expensive.




The actual gameplay has no obvious ads.  The billboards are used slightly, this seems like a good use.







An ad and a sponsor reference on the instant replay screen, these both seem like good uses.  Link should be clickable.




Game over screen contains ads and social media links, format seems a little off, but it is the right idea.




Jumping to a different app.  This app was created by/for Gongshow (hockey apparel), it is a simple slap shot game.




I think they did a really good job with their menu page.  Logo is prominent, picture is very suggestive what the game will be like.  Great use of social icons and a link to their homepage.





NHL_IntroOther apps make you watch video ads.






NHL_AdSome that are skip able…







Some that are not …











Author: Jay Fisher

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