Business Development Specialist

On the website,, I reviewed an article about becoming a business development specialist. The job requires individuals to specialize in products and organize meetings with clients to sell their products. I feel this job would be a perfect occupation for individuals looking to major in business, but only want to sell certain items. The job comes with a high salary of approximately $73,000 and can include bonuses and commissions. A business development specialist can also travel around the country and can build up a great reputation as a great salesman. They are also required to have a good attitude that can help people improve their people skills. I believe this job has a lot of great opportunities for people in the business field.


Author: Jay Fisher

I'm a product guy focused on building great consumer experiences. Gathering quick feedback and building internal consensus by iteratively improving on minimally viable products. My background is in consumer products and finance, I greatly enjoy tackling the challenges involved in financial services and technical product management I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out ( if you want to talk technology, business, product management, or agile.

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