Mobile Game Designer Tips

On the website,, there is an article that gives great tips for people looking to becom a mobile game designer. I think the article gives great points that people should take into consideration before creating a mobile game.

Designers should not make a game with a lot of artistic detail as it could use up a lot of power trying to show it on the screen. It also makes sense that the game should not be too loud because it could bother others if the person plays the game in a public place. I understand how difficult it can be to create a game that is a success for mobile devices and I believe this presents a great challenge for a mobile game designer.

Mobile gaming is a booming market right now, and it seems everyone wants to dive in and grab a chunk of the market. However, getting started in mobile gaming isn’t just about porting your Windows or Xbox title over to iOS.
Design for Your Current Platform, Not Your Previous One

This seems like common sense, but a lot of games out there will attempt to shoehorn the design of a console onto a multi-touch gaming device. While, yes, this can work, frequently the player is reminded that they’d rather be playing the game on a console gamepad than on an iPhone.

When it comes to artwork, remember that tiny fonts may be readable on a Retina display (and allow you to fit a lot of text on the screen), but they are not very enjoyable to read. The same goes for highly detailed textures. You don’t need a massive, high-resolution texture for all your assets. The detail can actually make the game more visually noisy, detracting from the artistic feel and causing eyestrain. Click this link to finish reading How To Get Started Designing Games for Mobile Platforms.

There has never been a better time to become a mobile game designer than now. So study up and make the jump already.


Author: Jay Fisher

I'm a product guy focused on building great consumer experiences. Gathering quick feedback and building internal consensus by iteratively improving on minimally viable products. My background is in consumer products and finance, I greatly enjoy tackling the challenges involved in financial services and technical product management I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out ( if you want to talk technology, business, product management, or agile.

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